What is Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout supplements are specially designed supplement powders that are taken before exercise in order to improve energy levels, endurance, strength and in some formulas, recovery. Most pre-workout supplements contain caffeine, B-Alanine, and Creatine giving consumers a feeling of blasting energy which in turn delivers a more intense and effective workout.

Why should I take Pre-Workout?

Nothing happens without energy. When it comes to working out, the amount of energy available to fuel your workout will mark the difference between a "so-so"
workout and a fat burning, muscle pumping frenzy that will catapult you toward your fitness goals. Pre-Workout gives you THAT energy!


How do I take Pre-Workout?

Your Pre-Workout will come with it's own scooper which vary in size and will come with instructions on how much to dilute into water. Note that each supplement label states it's own recommended dosage and should never be exceeded. Typically, it is recommended to consume 15 minutes prior to your workout, however, always read the instructions on the container it comes in first. 


Most pre-workout supplements include one or more stimulants, so you should be aware of your caffeine tolerance before taking. Always read the label of any Pre-Workout mix to avoid any unwanted jitters or side effects.

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